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Crusoe’s World

Adventure awaits at Crusoe’s World! Landlubbers step aside and behold the brave seafaring souls take to the decks, ropes and lookout posts of this fabulous playground. Inspired by the TV series Crusoe, some of the original props from the show were transported and reconstructed at Groombridge Place bringing an authentic feel and atmosphere.
Discover the two treehouses linked together with rope bridges and a central viewing tower. Explore the different levels of decking and platforms, sheltered under sail roofs. Climb up to the lookout post high above one of the treehouses, and soak up the vista – the canal, open Kent and East Sussex countryside and steam trains of the Spa Valley Railway. Jump aboard the recently landed ship: Captain Robinson Crusoe has docked at Crusoe’s World. Journey on deck, clamber up the mast to the crow’s nest, steer the ship at the wheel, and ring the bell – land ahoy!

Formal Gardens

We are incredibly proud of our beautiful award-winning gardens and are delighted to share them with you. We have six unique areas for you to enjoy, each formally laid out and bursting with colour, style and horticultural features. Each season brings a new look so be sure to visit throughout the year.

The UK Owl And Raptor Centre Of Groombridge Place

Two displays per day plus exhibitions and experiences available for all the family.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 12:30
Saturday & Sunday: 12:30 & 15:30

Unless otherwise stated for special event days

Enchanted Forest

Upper Board Walk

Giant Swings

All the joy of a swing but giant-sized! Hop on with a friend and double the fun. We have a whole Swing Walk for you to enjoy – can you have a go on them all?

Family Swings

The ultimate in swings – there’s room for the whole family! Jump on, hold tight and let the grown-ups do the hard work.

Romany Camp

Ever wondered what life would be like travelling wherever and whenever you wanted – and all the while taking your home with you? Would you be able to live a nomadic life without all the trappings of the 21st century – no television, gadgets, phones; you wouldn’t have anywhere to plug them in or charge them!


Immerse yourself in our golden yews and be a-mazed as you work your way round the intricate labyrinth.

Giant Chess

Where better to play this classic and historic game than in the grounds of a house also filled with history? The origins of chess are in India around AD 600. Some adaptations and modernities lead us to the game we play today. The giant version hails from 17th century France where real people were used as the pieces. Instead of trying to find 32 people to play, why not use our giant chess set and see how quickly you can outwit your opponent. The pieces are hand crafted from Cedar of Lebanon and sit upon a marble board for you to enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Groombridge Place was a frequent port of call for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was the setting for his Sherlock Holmes story, The Valley of Fear. He much admired the house and gardens and felt that Groombridge Place was ‘the very essence of England’. Call in to our special museum filled with artefacts, gain an insight into his life and imagine the famous writer hard at work, weaving Groombridge Place into his stories.

Deer Park

We love having our deer friends around the grounds of Groombridge – will you be lucky enough to spot any of them in the Deer Park? Keep a lookout as you travel between the gardens and the Enchanted Forest. Please don’t feed them though, we make sure they are well looked after and spare bits of sandwich might spoil their appetite!

The Animals at Groombridge Place

The resident animals and birds include peacocks, chickens, Shetland pony, Mexican Donkey and our famous Zedonk (half zebra, half donkey). Also look out for deer in the forest and if you are lucky you may see a kingfisher when on the boat trip.

Canal Boat

Enjoy a short trip along the meandering River Grom which flows through the grounds of Groombridge Place. Our canal boat will take you from the gardens all the way to Crusoe’s World and the adventures of the Enchanted Forest– so hop on board and conserve your energy for some serious playtime.

The Rave

Take one enchanted forest, a twinkly dance floor, woodland folk abounding and non-stop top tunes – sounds like a recipe for the perfect rave. Look out for our next Rave day – get your dancing shoes on, glitter and day-glo face paints ready and bring the whole family for an unforgettable rave in true Groombridge style.


Imagine life on the prairies and plains and make camp in our teepees.

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